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MP 'delighted' as Pickles deals final blow to proposed Hempnall wind farm

SOUTH NORFOLK MP Richard Bacon has hailed the decision by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to throw out the planning appeal for a wind farm at Hempnall as a ‘final blow’ for the scheme. 

Mr Bacon was speaking after the Communities Secretary issued his decision to dismiss the appeal by TCI Renewables.  Mr Pickles acted after Mr Bacon requested him to take the final decision using his powers as Secretary of State under Section 79 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Mr Bacon said: “I am very pleased indeed at this news.  I have said all along that the gentle rural landscape of South Norfolk is not a suitable place for industrial-scale wind turbines. The Secretary of State has agreed, stating that ‘the impacts of the proposals are not, and cannot be made, acceptable.’ ”  

“This decision must surely be the final blow for these misbegotten proposals. TCI Renewables has learnt the hard way that local people do not want them here.”

“The residents of Hempnall have had this hanging over them for seven years and I am delighted that Eric Pickles has listened to my constituents. 

“Their determination has finally paid off.”

28 October 2014