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  MP wants lightning action for residents left on hold

  Traffic jams in Long Stratton are a regular occurence
A lightning bolt knocked out 330
metres of telephone cable.  Three
weeks later, the Tivetshalls remain
disconnected from the telephone

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon has written to BT boss Ben Verwaayen asking why the residents of the Tivetshalls are still waiting to be reconnected nearly three weeks after a lightning bolt knocked out their telephone lines.

Following the lightning strike, local residents were told by BT that cabling needed to be replaced, despite 76 per cent of the damaged cable having been replaced already.


Additionally they were told a hoist was needed, despite one having already been on-site, and that traffic lights would be needed to continue works, although none arrived. Nearly three weeks later, residents in Tivetshall St Margaret and Tivetshall St Mary are still without a telephone service.

Mr Bacon said today:  “It is simply unacceptable that residents in the Tivetshalls are still waiting for BT to reconnect them.  For many people, particularly the elderly, their BT landline is a necessity that connects them to friends, family and vital services.  This delay will have caused confusion, doubt and worry”. 

“BT has not communicated with local residents adequately and the service they have received is simply not acceptable.  I have written to Ben Verwaayen, the Chief Executive of BT, asking him for a firm promise as to when the Tivetshalls can expect to be reconnected, and also how BT intends to compensate residents for the inconvenience they have suffered”.

1 October 2006

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