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  Bacon calls for tourist signs for Tibenham Airfield

Richard Bacon MP finds out about
gliding from Norfolk Gliding Club
instructor Phil Foster.  

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon has called on Norfolk County Council to erect brown tourist signs on the A140 at Pulham crossroads. This follows his official opening of the Open National and Eastern Regional Gliding Championships hosted by Norfolk Gliding Club at Tibenham Airfield.

Mr Bacon said: “At present, there is nothing to indicate that    an   important   tourist

attraction is only a couple of miles or so from one of South Norfolk's major roads. Visitors to Norfolk just don't know the Club is there there. I've seen for myself the high level of interest at the site”.

The week-long championships have attracted over 60 glider pilots and their crews to Tibenham Airfield from all over the country.

Norfolk Gliding Club has around 300 members with a wide range of membership options from a full flying member to an associate. It also offers flights and a wide variety of gliding courses run by fully qualified instructors.

The airfield is designated as a Site of Sporting Significance and during World War II it was a USAF bomber base commanded for two years by Hollywood legend James Stewart. A memorial has been erected by the clubhouse and photographs and memorabilia are on show.

Mr Bacon said: “This is just the sort of attraction which deserves more publicity. As well as giving pleasure to many people, it helps to generate revenue for the area. I've written to Norfolk County Council asking them to reconsider their earlier decision and erect brown tourist signs on the A140 at Pulham crossroads”.