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  CRIME: Bacon blasts 'red tape' tying up the police

  “Let the police do their job” says MP


THE POLICE should be left to get on with their real job of chasing criminals and preventing crime, says South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon.

Richard has written to the Home Secretary asking for a complete review of the form filling which the police have to do after each incident. Richard said: “I know how many forms have to be filled in. Wymondham police showed me a large table snowed under with piles of forms for every kind of incident.

The police spend half their shift being forced to sit at a desk rather than getting out on the beat and stopping crime”.

Richard adds: “This is utter nonsense. People join the police because they want to get out and improve the community, not so they can be chained to a desk. The police and the public deserve a better deal”.

As for political correctness, Richard was told about a farmer whose five bar gate had been stolen. When the farmer reported the theft to the police, the first question he was asked by the officer sent to investigate was: 'Do you need any counselling?' The farmer replied: 'No, the gate wasn't a personal friend of mine!'.

While visiting Diss police station, Richard was pleased to hear from Inspector Gina Hopkinson of Diss police that stamping out rising crime levels and vandalism are top of her priority list. She is the fourth inspector at the Diss station in two years but she plans to see the job through.

Richard said: “I'm sure that having grown up in Diss and knowing the area backwards will give Inspector Hopkinson a great advantage in tackling local crime problems”.