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MP wants action to end Queen’s Hills deadlock

SOUTH NORFOLK MP Richard Bacon has written to the administrators for a defunct development company to demand an explanation for the hold-ups preventing vital infrastructure improvements on the Queen’s Hills development on the outskirts of Norwich. 

Mr Bacon took action after being informed by South Norfolk Council that a deal to deliver long-awaited infrastructure and community facilities brokered between Edinburgh-based administrators Deloitte, the house builders on Queen’s Hills and the Council looked set to collapse. 

Mr Bacon said: “I am very disappointed that yet another attempt to break the deadlock on Queen’s Hills is on the brink of failure.    

“A lot has been going on behind the scenes.  Most recently, the house builders on Queen’s Hills asked South Norfolk Council to release them from some of their legal obligations.  The Council was prepared to accept this on the basis that the developers provided an agreed £675,000 for the long awaited community centre by the end of September, but legal wrangles involving Deloitte appear to have stymied the deal.  Two deadlines have now come and gone without any progress. 

“South Norfolk Council has bent over backwards in order to get infrastructure and community facilities delivered to Queen’s Hills.  The horse-trading has gone on long enough.  It is time for action and I want to hear from Deloitte how they are going to end this deadlock once and for all”. 

28 November 2011