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  MP signs up to charity scheme

  IMAGE: Richard Bacon MP and his wife Victoria(right) sign up to the Oxfam scheme with Diss Manager Sue Morgan (left).
Richard Bacon MP and his wife Victoria
(right) sign up to the Oxfam scheme
with Diss Manager Sue Morgan (left).

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon and his wife Victoria are the first people in Diss to sign up to Oxfam’s “Tag Your Bag” scheme. Oxfam can now claim back the 28% gift aid whenever it sells Richard and Victoria’s donated items, making more money for the charity.


Mr Bacon said: “This is a splendid scheme. I would urge any Oxfam donor who is a UK taxpayer to sign up. Charities need all the help they can get in this difficult financial climate”.

Signing up to the computerised scheme couldn’t be simpler. Donors fill in a form and are given a card with their own unique number and a set of labels to attach to their bags of donated items. The items are then bar-coded so that Oxfam knows who has donated them when they are sold.

Every three months Oxfam contacts the donors to let them know how much their donations have raised.

For further information on the scheme contact Oxfam, 16 Market Hill, Diss or telephone 01379 644871.

11 May 2009


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