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South Norfolk
  Norfolk MPs call for better access to
the county

  Richrd Bacon MP has called for rapid improvements in Norfolk's road network
Norfolk MPs have queried cuts to
key Norfolk road building schemes

SOUTH Norfolk MP Richard Bacon was one of a number of local MPs calling for improved strategic transport access to Norfolk in a recent Commons debate.

Norfolk MPs questioned the decision by the Highways Agency to downgrade the dualling of the Attleborough bypass and Fiveways to Thetford section of the A11 as well as the A47 in December last year.

MPs have complained that the Government had not informed them of the proposed spending


cuts on the road improvement schemes in their constituencies.

Mid Norfolk MP Keith Simpson and North West Norfolk MP Henry Bellingham expressed fears that Norfolk might lose out to Essex and Hertfordshire in any prioritising process.

Richard Bacon challenged junior transport minister Charlotte Atkins to recognise that Norwich is the only major city in the UK not fully connected to the national road network by dual carriageways.

Mr Bacon said: “It is unacceptable that a city such as Norwich and a county such as Norfolk should be cut off in this way. What Norfolk needs is rapid improvements in its road infrastructure, not more talk”.