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South Norfolk
  Bacon backs campaign on misdelivered mail

Richard joins Ravi Sharma in Diss for
the Postwatch campaign to stamp out
misdelivered mail

SOUTH Norfolk MP Richard Bacon is backing a campaign to stamp out misdelivered mail. Richard met in Diss with members of Postwatch, the postal services watchdog, to tackle the growing problem of letters which get delivered to the wrong address.

Nearly 60% of the 14.5 million letters lost every year are simply delivered to the wrong house. “Lost post can cause big problems but people don't like to make a fuss, so the problems don't get fixed”, says Postwatch campaigner Mr Ravi Sharma.


Richard said: “Wrongly delivered letters can cause all sorts of problems for the person expecting mail. It could result in a lost cheque or birthday card or a missed hospital appointment. It may mean an offer of a university place going unanswered. It may also lead to unpaid bills incurring extra charges”.

“This campaign aims to stamp out the hassle caused by letters going astray”.

Postwatch has produced a campaign pack to help customers with problems. The pack has a complaint form and a diary to help people keep track of misdelivered mail they receive. There are also stickers to put on the misdelivered letters so the intended recipients know they have been wrongly delivered.

To help mail get to the right destination, Postwatch advises always putting a 'return to' address on the back of any envelopes. For more information, log on to www.postwatch.co.uk/misdelivery or call the Postwatch helpline 08456 - 013265 for copies of the campaign pack.

Richard said: “Make sure you always complain about misdelivered mail. If Royal Mail don't know about the problem, they can't fix it”.