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South Norfolk
  MP hopeful following meeting with Kent Police Authority

Lorraine Whiting was shot dead by her estranged husband, Leonard Carter, during an armed siege in 1995 (photo ©BBC)
Mrs Whiting (left) was shot by her
estranged husband, Leonard Carter
(right) during an armed siege in 1995

FOLLOWING a recent meeting with Kent Police Authority, South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon said he was hopeful there would be a positive outcome for a Norfolk family who risk losing their home following legal action by the Kent police.

Mrs Catherine Elvin, of Winfarthing, Norfolk, had tried to sue the Kent police

after her mother Lorraine Whiting slowly bled to death following a shooting incident. Mrs Whiting's estranged husband Leonard Carter shot her in the legs before he shot himself dead.

But Kent police refused to allow paramedics to enter the premises, fearing the gunman was still alive, and after a 61 minute phone call to emergency services pleading for help, Mrs Whiting bled to death. Kent police have sought to recover their £92,000 legal costs from Mrs Elvin and recently placed a charge on the family home in Winfarthing, Norfolk. The case was due to be heard at Central London County Court next Tuesday 20 September, but has now been postponed.

After Mr Bacon and the Elvin family met today with the Chair of Kent Police Authority, Mrs Ann Barnes JP, at the authority's offices in Maidstone, Mr Bacon said:

“I am most grateful to Mrs Barnes for agreeing to meet with the family and me. Mrs Barnes was very sympathetic and she certainly understood the distress which has been caused to the Elvin family. The meeting was held in a highly constructive atmosphere.”

“As a result of the meeting I believe there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Although I cannot discuss details, there is now a reasonable solution available which is fair to both the police and to the family, who would be able to keep their home”.

“Mrs Barnes will make a formal recommendation to the next full meeting of Kent Police Authority in two weeks' time, and if the Authority accepts her recommendation then the family will be able to move on and this dreadful chapter can be closed. In the meantime, Mrs Barnes has most helpfully offered to place a stay on the court proceedings which were due to have taken place next Tuesday 20 September”.

14 September 2005