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  MP blasts John Prescott's office
for housing delay

  Delays in John Prescott's office are leaving many local couples in limbo
Delays in John Prescott's Office are
leaving many local families in limbo

SOUTH Norfolk MP Richard Bacon is asking the Deputy Prime Minister's office why it is making life more difficult for young people to own their own property.

Because of soaring property prices, many young couples are finding it almost impossible to get a foot on the property ladder. To help them  reach  their  dream,  a


number of them are turning to shared property ownership whereby they purchase a house from a Housing Partnership paying half by a mortgage and the remainder via rent.

Mr Bacon said: “I have been contacted by two couples in my constituency who want to complete on shared ownership properties with South Norfolk Housing Partnership. Purchases prices have been agreed between the couples and the Housing Partnership since the summer but the deals are being held up because John Prescott's office has to confirm the purchase prices and re-register the properties first. They still haven't done this”.

“One couple are being forced to sleep on a sofa bed in the conservatory of a parent's house. Their mortgage offer runs out at the beginning of December. If they cannot go ahead before then they will have to start the mortgage process all over again which will cost them more money”.

The other couple are living in rented accommodation with their 18-month-old son. Their tenancy agreement has run out and their landlady, although sympathetic, wants to re-let the property. They are worried that they will find themselves without a roof over their heads.

Mr Bacon said: “Two young couples that I know of are having their chances of owning their own property jeopardised by the slowness of the Deputy Prime Minister's Office. This is probably only the tip of an iceberg. I have written to housing minister Keith Hill asking him to look into the matter urgently. As it stands, the situation is totally unacceptable”.

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