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  MP welcomes Hobart High flyers to Parliament

IMAGE: Mr Bacon with pupils and staff from Hobart High School, Loddon
Mr Bacon with pupils and staff from Hobart High School, Loddon.

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon has welcomed students from Loddon’s Hobart High School to the Houses of Parliament.

The students, aged 12 to 17, were chosen by the school for the trip as they had each made a strong contribution to the life of the school, for example as members of the School Council.  

Mr Bacon answered questions after which the students took a tour and got the chance to see the House of Commons at work.   

Mr Bacon said: “I was delighted that students from Hobart High visited Parliament.  There are many ways students can make a difference and school councils are particularly important because they give students a voice and show them that their opinions do matter.” 

“It was a pleasure to talk to the students about Parliament and the way our democracy works.  They asked some insightful questions about the expenses crisis and parliamentary reform.  I know one or two of them want to be MPs, so perhaps I will see them in the House of Commons one day!”

2 July 2009


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