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MP gets on his bike for cycle path campaign

Richard Bacon MP (centre) joins pupils and parents of Hethersett Primary School on a cycle ride from Hethersett Village Hall
Richard Bacon MP (centre) joins
Hethersett Primary School pupils on
their morning cycle ride to school

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon has urged planners and developers to ‘think bike’ after joining Hethersett pupils and parents on an early morning cycle ride.

Mr Bacon joined local campaigners to discover the difficulties and dangers faced by cyclists trying to bike between Hethersett, Little Melton, and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich research park and the University of East Anglia.

At the moment, cyclists have to cross the busy A47 via a pedestrian crossing between Little Melton and Colney. A local campaign, spearheaded by Little Melton Primary School pupils, is calling for a cycle path to make it easier and safe for cyclists to travel the route.

Mr Bacon said: “The plain fact is that when new developments are planned, not enough thought is given to the needs of cyclists from the outset.

“That area is going to face at least 1,000 new homes under the greater Norwich development plan. We just don't take cycling seriously enough, early enough in our planning.

Richard Bacon MP (left) talks to BBC
Radio Norfolk about the campaign

“It really is a case of 'think bike' and if you are a planner or developer then put the needs of cyclists much higher in your order of priorities.”

11 December 2009

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