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South Norfolk
  MP wants more local park keepers

The East of England has only seven Green Flag parks, compared to 14 in South West England and 84 in the urban North West
Local park keepers are vital in
providing a safe place for families
to enjoy themselves

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon has called for more locally-based park keepers in parks and green spaces in order to reassure parents that they are safe play areas for their children.

Mr Bacon was speaking as the Commons public account committee published its report on Enhancing Urban Green Space. The report finds that parents and young people are unlikely to use local green spaces for sport or general recreation if they are considered unsafe or unattractive.


Mr Bacon, a member of the committee, said today:

“All children need a safe place to play outdoors but parents also need to be certain their local park is a suitable place for children to go. However, simply employing a contractor to turn up every so often to mow the lawns will not work. Neither will increasingly heavy security that deters as many residents as it does trouble-makers”.

“Local park keepers are vital in providing a safe place for families to enjoy themselves. They also stop parks from becoming blighted by litter, drugs and the fear of crime. The best parks are those which are in regular use because local people feel the park is an important part of their community. I urge councils to make sure their green spaces are cared for by local people”.

10 October 2006