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Bacon praises Saffron Aprenticeship scheme

SOUTH NORFOLK MP Richard Bacon has praised Saffron Housing Trust’s £90,000 investment  in an innovative new apprenticeships project.

20 local businesses will be given the ability to take on their first apprentice next year under Saffron’s Apprenticeship Programme.

Mr Bacon said: “This programme is very good news indeed.  By taking on the administration of an apprenticeship, Saffron Housing Trust, and its partners are freeing up local businesses from much of the day-to-day worry involved in taking on apprentices.  This is exactly the sort of innovative approach the economy needs.

“This is a simple, common sense idea with real potential and I salute Saffron and its partners Robert Ashton, BCTS, and Diss High School, for launching this excellent scheme”.

Mr Bacon was speaking after Saffron Housing Trust announced a £90,000 investment in a 20-place Apprenticeship Programme.  Under the scheme, Saffron will recruit and employ up to 20 apprentices and ‘contract out’ the apprentices to local businesses, while providing full HR support and training throughout the length of the apprenticeship. Local businesses will have an apprentice working with them four days a week with the remaining day spent off-site studying.

The programme is a partnership between Saffron Housing Trust, Broadland Council Training Services (BCTS), Diss High School and Author and Social Entrepreneur Robert Ashton.

Saffron will be launching the new apprenticeship programme at Diss High School at the end of October to current Year 11 students.

If you run a local business in South Norfolk and would like more information on the apprenticeship programme, please contact John Whitelock, Saffron Director of New Business on 01508 532046 or email him at jwhitelock@saffronhousing.co.uk.

26 October 2012

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