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RICHARD BACON, MP for South Norfolk, wants to change the law on food labelling so consumers can tell when they are buying British food.

Richard said: “British farmers, especially those in South Norfolk, produce some of the best food in the world but they often face unfair competition from importers


whose food is produced to lower animal welfare standards than in Britain”.

At present, importers can put the Union Jack on the label to make consumers believe the food is British. Under current law, lambs can be imported from France, slaughtered here and then labelled 'Product of Britain'. Pork imported from Denmark which is packaged in the UK may also be called 'Product of Britain'.

In much the same way, Norwegian salmon smoked in Scotland can lawfully be described as 'salmon smoked in Scotland' and butter churned in England using milk imported from Belgium can be described as 'produced in England from milk'.

Richard wants to stop such tricks and ensure shoppers have clear information about where food comes from.  He has won all-party backing for the Food Labelling Bill he has introduced into the House of Commons.

If Richard's Bill becomes law, food labels will have to state clearly the country where food comes from and also where it is processed.  Consumers would be able to use their buying power to support the higher animal welfare standards in Britain.

Richard said: “It's just common sense to tell people where food comes from. Shoppers should be able to make an informed choice”.

Supermarkets can play their part too. Richard praised Budgens in Harleston which, like all the company's stores, only stocks British red meat, poultry and apples. Budgens also supports the Red Tractor 'farm assured' scheme developed by the National Farmers' Union.

Richard said: “I congratulate Budgens on its Buy British campaign.  Sourcing food locally makes perfect sense. It's good news for shoppers and farmers“.  

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