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Pink Ladies Tractor Road Run

Pink Ladies Tractor Run

What a huge pleasure it was to see the Pink Ladies Tractor Road Run in Harleston last Sunday.

Concerns over anaerobic digestion plant at Bressingham

South Norfolk Council logo

I have written to South Norfolk Council to support residents worried about the proposed anaerobic digestion plant at Bressingham.

Controversy over pylons continues

Pylons - Credit: Sigmund / Unsplash

I have met several times with ministers about National Grid’s ill-thought out proposal to run pylons through south Norfolk.

Supercharging local growth

Hethel Innovation logo

I have visited Hethel Innovation on the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor to discuss the centre’s ambitious plans to help supercharge local growth.

Lotus - expanding locally, contributing globally

Lotus logo

Following my visit to Hethel Innovation I also had the pleasure of visiting neighbouring manufacturer and engineering specialist Group Lotus.

MP praises monarchy

HM The Queen. Credit: Joel Rouse / MoD

The Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen marked seventy extraordinary years in which our Sovereign has reigned.